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Scossalina per ardesia

Tabella delle dimensioni

  • KSF C2A
  • KSF C4A
  • KSF F4A
  • KSF F6A
  • KSF M4A
  • KSF M6A
  • KSF M8A
  • KSF M10A
  • KSF P6A
  • KSF P8A
  • KSF S6A
  • KSF S8A
  • KSF U4A
  • KSF U8A

Dakea Scossalina per ardesia (KSF)

The slate flashing is suitable for flat roofing materials with a height of between 0-16 mm (2 x 8 mm). The tight flashing bottom part and the segmented side makes installation possible on all types of common flat roofing material, i.e. natural slates, manufactured slates or shingle. Not compatible with standing seam.

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