Underfelt foil collar

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    Dakea Underfelt foil collar (RUC)

    Dakea Underfelt Foil Collar (RUC) reduces significantly the amount of time required for roof window installation. It is made of stretchable, highly tear-resistant polystyrene, non-woven fabric with a vapour permeable polyurethane coating. 

    It speeds up installation significantly as you do not need to cut the foil and make the underlay from pieces.

    Dakea RUC is made from one piece with no joints, so it ensures 100% water tightness and its squared surface pattern will help you to cut straight if necessary, making the installation even easier. It is a technically advanced product designed to protect the roof and tightness of the construction. It is highly fire resistant, with a B1 rating under the DIN 4102 standard and has an increased temperature tolerance of -40°C to +80°C.

    This product is 'free-of charge' in the box of Dakea Better and Dakea PVC Better roof windows. For Dakea Good, you may get it as a separate accessory.

    Highly fire resistant. B1 rating under the DIN 4102 standard.

    Tensile strength 350 N/5 cm (35 kp/5 cm).  Conforms to DIN EN 12311.

    Impermeability. Watertight (DIN EN 13111).

    Temperature resistance -40°C to +80°C.

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